My Practice

Education and Qualifications:

MBBS:M R Medical College, Gulbarga,1986 batch

MD,Medicine: M R Medical College, Gulbarga,completed in 1995

DM, Neurology: Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh,completed ,1999

FAAN,Fellow American Academy of Neurology

Present Position:

Since 1999 practicing Neurology in Chandigarh

Senior Consultant, Neurology

  • Fortis Hospital , Mohali,Founder of Neurlogy dept.
  • Healing Hospital, Chandigarh
  • He has special interest in disease control through holistic approach through lifestyle changes, Yoga,Sudershan kriya and related practices.

Youtube Channel for public awareness: YouTube
Dr J P Singhvi,Chandigarh

Life Member:

  • Neurological Society of India
  • American Academy Of Neurology
  • Indian Academy of Neurology
  • Indian Stroke Society
  • PGI Neurological Society
  • Association of Physician of India
  • Diabetic Society of India

Further he has been faculty at various national and international conferences in both neurology and spirituality.


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POSTERS ,Conference of Indian Academy of Neurology,Raipur 2018

  • Simultaneous congenital anomalies in epilepsy
    Jeenendra P Singhvi,Amit Shankar singh
  • Recurrent stroke in a case of Henoch-schonlein purpura
    Amit Shankar singh, Jeenendra P Singhvi.

Posters at American Academy of Neurology, May 2019,philadelphia

1.Jaw Opening oromandibular dystonia following acute Stroke: Analysis and review
Jeenendra P Singhvi,Amit Shankar Singh

2.Sarcoidosis to Nocardiosis:An odyssey of doubt and agony
Amit Shankar Singh, Jeenendra P Singhvi.

  • Part of the International Study on thrombolysis.
    SITS- NEW(Safe implementation of thromobolysis in stroke in non European world).

Neurology,April 14, 2020; 94 (15 Supplement)
Temporalis muscle thickness as surrogate marker of activation of motor component of trigeminovascular system in Migraine patients
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Broken heart in Morvan’s syndrome
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He has visited 26 countries as a faculty and also self development conferences,

1.Epilepsy conference Trivandrum on profile of interactable epilepsy 1999( Paper on Intractable Epilepsy)

2.Started thrombolysis program at Chandigarh in 2001.

2.Neuro Electrophysiology Skills Workshop,New Delhi 2001

3.Sleep Medicine 2006, AnIndo US Symposium,Chennai

4. International critical care conference 2007 at Govt. Medical College, Chandigarh.Speaker
Topic:Critical Care Neuropathy and Myopathy

5. Epliepsy CME at Shanghai 2008,Expert Panel and Chairperson

6.Neurology update Kashmir 2009 at Govt. Medical College,Srinagar: Speaker
Topic:Recent Advances in Dementia

7. TROPICON 2010, Pondicherry
 Malnutrition and its influence on Nervous system in Asia.

8.Neucon:Controversies in Neurology 2010-Presented Paper on Vaculitis in Adoloscent

9. Epilepsy colloquium at Cleveland 2010

10. API Chapter Jalandhar 2010-2011:Epilepsy Management

11.Botulinum Toxin workshop at International conference on movement disorder at Ludhiana:2014,Assisted, Prof Dr.Madhuri Behari

12.American Academy of Continuing Medical Education 2011,Egypt

13. Part of the International Study on thrombolysis.
SITS- NEW(Safe Implementation of Thrombolysis in Stroke in Non European World),Thrombolysed cases included 2012-14

14. IANCON 2014:Faculty and convenor
Morning Seminar 6 : Hall C (APC AUDITORIUM) Paediatric Neurology Convener: J P Singhvi, Chandigarh Chairperson: V Jayakumar, Madurai Amit Haldar, Kolkata: Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, October 2014, Vol 17, Supplement 2

15.10th Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress (AOEC) | MAY 13-16, 2016(Delegate)

16.International congress on child Neurology 2016,Chennai(Delegate)

17.11th Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress (AOEC) | MAY 13-16, 2016(Delegate)

18.Neurology-Cardiology Interface 2017 on Embolic Stroke

19.IANCON 2018,Raipur Posters

20. National Stroke Conference Ahmedabad 2019


21.Real World Consideration for High efficacy DMTs in MS under PGI Neurology Society,july 28 2019: (Expert and Chairman)

In addition attended AAN congress
San Francisco, Miami, Honolulu and Philadelphia 2019

World Federation of Neurology Australia 2005

EFNS Scotland

Additionally at various academic ,as speaker, chairing sessions and also learning.

  • Harayana state IMA conference at Ambala 2002
  • Science and Spiritulity of Vagus Nerve in Spiritual forum on healing power of breathing technique via vagus nerve Bali 2019
  • Below is the Article on Primary Prevention :Pranayama

Inhale right, live better

On going research
1.Part of National Epilepsy and Sleep Study(NESS),On going study approved by AIIMS ethics committee:Study on sleep disturbance in epilepsy.
2.Left Nostril Breathing in treatment of
acute Migrainous Headache
3.Breathing techniques, mind, meditation and brain changes are under evaluation.

4.Working on Primary prevention through yoga, breathing techniques and meditation through Art of Living’s Happiness Program

Recent academic meets conducted for Physician Orientation

1.Management of seizures in ER 20-12-2018

2.Management of acute Stroke in ER 05-02-2019

3.Multiple Sclerosis Update june 2019

Ongoing Program

  • Public awareness program on stroke, Dementia, and various neurological disorders.- Many talks has been delivered

  • Environmental Friendly Programs Tree Plantation.

    International Day with DRDO( snow and avalanche study Establishment) and every year.
    (You Tube Channel)

Formed Tricity Neurology Group of Chandigarh with a group of 17 neurologist.
Academic meets are regularly held.
My role is of organizing the meetings, as Speaker and chairing in rotation.

1.Oral Drugs in Multiple Sclerosis :Dr J P Singhvi

2.Webinar on Management of Refractory Myasthenia Gravis: Dr Nicholas Silvestri 06-06-2017.Organiser

3.Auto immune Encephalitis Dr H S Mann 04-08-2017
Organiser and chairperson

4.CME:Interesting cases in Neurology Dr H S Mann and Dr Amit Shankar 29-11-17

5.Role Of Neurointerventionist in Neurology Practice:Dr Sandeep Sharma 17-01-2018. Organiser and chairman

6.Movement Disorder Video Session by Dr Nishit Sawal
21- 02-2018
Organizer and expert

7.Newer Antiepileptics : 30-03-2018
Perampanel :Dr J P Singhvi
Briveracetam:Dr Neha

8.ISP Epilepsy Webcast from Trivendram DR Emilo Peucca 06-04-2018 Organiser

9.Management Of Multiple Sclerosis, Drug Therapy
Dr H S Mann. As Organiser and Chairperson

10.Hot Topics Of AAN 2018 Webcast:26-5-2018 Organiser.

11.Evaluation of DBS in Parkinson’s disease DR Nishit Sawal and Dr vipin Gupta. Organiser

12.Management of Stroke in first 24 Hours:Dr Sandeep Sharma. Organiser and chair.

13.Briveracetam:New SV2A Antagonist in Epilepsy:Dr J P Singhvi 10-10-2018

14.Novel Oral Anticoagulants In Neurology Practice:Dr Sanjay Mishara. As organizer and Expert
What not to do in Emergency :Dr J P Singhvi 24-11-19

15. Science and Spirituality of Vagus Nerve :17-01-19
As Speaker

17.Simpliying Treatment Strategies for generalized Epilepsy:Prof Simon Shorvan, 10-2-19

18.Oral DMTs in MS :Indian Scenario:
Dr J P Singhvi 05-04-2019

19.Management of Parkinson’s Disease by Prof Madhuri Behari 11-4-2019,as chairperson

20. Interesting cases in neurology and phototherapy in Parkinson’s disease:10-7-2019.

Presented interesting case of MELAS
21.Webinar on how Sudershan kriya and related practices improve various aspects of health:multiple episodes on various physician forum and spritual organisation


Profile of intractable epilepsy in a tertiary referral center …
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Isolated agenesis of cerebellum.

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Safe implementation of thrombolysis in Stroke
Critical illness neuropathy and myopathy

Further he has been faculty and chair at various national and international Conference,symposia and conducted innumerable CME,Workshops and lectures in neurology on several topics.


Dr Singhvi is member of various academic society

  • Indian Academy of Neurology
  • Neurological Society of India
  • American Academy of Neurology
  • Indian Stroke Society
  • Association of Physicians of India
  • Diabetic Society of India.